Whopper Exchange: Trade Unwanted Holiday Gifts at Burger King (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Whopper Exchange

The biggest gift-giving time of the year is coming up very soon, and your list of options regarding what to do with your dud gifts just got a little bit longer, thanks to Burger King. The fast food chain has introduced a program they call the Whopper Exchange, which gives people the chance to trade unwanted holiday gifts for a nice, juicy Whopper.

To make the prospect of enjoying an effectively free Whopper hamburger even better, your unwanted Whopper Exchange gift will go to charity, which will hopefully assuage whatever guilt you might feel about either A) giving away a gift someone gave you, or B) eating a Whopper.

You can acquaint yourself with the Burger King Whopper Exchange in the video below. The program is unfortunately only available in London, Miami, and Rio, but you may be able to start your own black market Whopper Exchange at a Burger King near you.

Here’s the video: