Amazon Go: Brick and Mortar Grocery Shopping With No Checkout Lines

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Amazon Go

One thing that separates me from most of my contemporaries is that rather than seeing grocery shopping as a tedious chore, I actually enjoy going to the grocery store. So grocery delivery innovations like Instacart have more or less passed me by, but the newest phase of grocery shopping from Amazon is something even I can get behind: Amazon Go.

The Amazon Go concept, now being tested at a single location in Seattle, basically works like this: Instead of paying for groceries using the usual checkout line method, shoppers scan their smartphones when they enter the store, pick up whatever they want, and leave, being charged upon exiting for whatever items they chose automatically.

You can see more about Amazon Go in the video below. And for even more information on the service, and to sign up for additional details on when a store might be opening up near you, check out the official Amazon Go website right here.

Here’s the video: