‘Art of SNKRS’: New Nike Series Celebrates Visual Aspects of Sneakers (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, December 5, 2016

Art of SNKRS

Few would dispute that sneakers these days can be works of art. Nike, in conjunction with its own SNKRS app, is celebrating the visual arts component of sneakers with a new web series entitled Art of SNKRS, with the first episode focusing on the Nike Air Force 1 as captured by photographer Joost van Brug.

Van Brug uses a motion-blur technique to show off the Nike Air Force 1’s visual qualities in a new way. Here’s the photographer himself on his relationship with the shoe, courtesy of Nike’s own Art of SNKRS launch:

“For me, seeing my brother’s collection was just seeing a color change in the same shoe. I thought, ‘What if I just get rid of all the information of a shoe, so you don’t even recognize it as one? If you just have the colors, do you still know what shoe it is?’ That’s how I came up with the abstract motion blur.”

You can check out the first episode of Art of SNKRS below. And for more, you can take a look at Nike’s official launch site for the series right here.

Here’s the video: