T-Rex Bottle Opener

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 30, 2016

T-Rex Bottle Opener

For approximately 65.5 million years, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex roamed the earth as King of the Dinosaurs. Then, he went extinct, only to become every child’s favorite dinosaur in the modern human era. He’s been voiced by John Goodman, turned evil in Jurassic Park, and has basically reigned as the Michael Jackson of dinosaurs for as long as anyone alive can remember.  And now, his legacy secured, he has turned his energies to something far more important: Opening bottles, as the new T-Rex Bottle Opener. 

The T-Rex Bottle Opener is a great way to introduce some primal, thunderous ferocity to your bottle-opening routine. Outwardly, it looks like a fairly standard T-Rex model, but its jaws are powerful enough to tear 12-ounce bottle caps from their tightly-wound resting places, just as the T-Rexes of old once did.

At the Cool Material Shop here, the T-Rex Bottle Opener is now being sold for $36.35. Buy one now … before it goes extinct.