Double Mountain Murder Mystery Town ‘Twin Peaks’ LEGO Set

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Double Mountain Murder Mystery Town

David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, with its themes of sexual assault and lurking evil, may not seem like a natural fit for a LEGO playset, given that the building block toys are mostly marketed towards children and adults more interested in spaceships than surreal and disturbing moral inquiries. Citizen Brick is a LEGO customizer that exists to fill the gap between the two, though, and the latest custom set from Citizen Brick is called Double Mountain Murder Mystery Town.

The need for the euphemistic “Double Mountain Murder Mystery Town” name is because this is not an officially licensed LEGO product. Nevertheless, fans of both Twin Peaks and LEGO will likely be delighted by the minifig versions of Special Agent Dale Cooper, the Man From Another Place, Audrey Horne, the Log Lady, and even a wrapped-in-plastic Laura Palmer.

You can purchase the Double Mountain Murder Mystery Town LEGO x Twin Peaks set from Citizen Brick right here for $60.  And while you’re there, you can also check out the rest of Citizen Brick’s hilariously inappropriate (and/or commercially nonviable) LEGO sets too.