David Cross Donating All Proceeds From New Album to ACLU Through Christmas

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, November 29, 2016

David Cross

It should come as no surprise if you’re even slightly familiar with the stand-up work of comedian David Cross that the election of Donald Trump was something of a shock to the famously outspoken leftist. And he’s made a pretty impressive gesture in order to help cope: From now until Christmas, he’s donating 100% of the sale price on his newest album …America…Great… to the American Civil Liberties Union.

To be clear, David Cross isn’t just donating the profits from the album to the ACLU, he’s donating the total sale price, which means that he’s actually losing money with each copy sold—a possible incentive for Trump supporters to get in on the action and try to bankrupt Cross. He’s selling both autographed and regular copies, too, and both are included in the ACLU donation plan.

You can read up on his reasoning for making this decision at David Cross’ blog right here, where you can also find links to purchase a copy of …America…Great… for a good cause—either to support the work of the ACLU, or taking money out of Cross’ pocket, whichever you prefer.