Daft Punk Portrait Painting From the “Starboy” Video is Now for Sale

by: Joseph On  Saturday, November 26, 2016

Daft Punk Portrait Painting

In what will hopefully be the last Starboy-related post here for a while, The Weeknd’s new collaborators Daft Punk have come out with yet another merchandising opportunity—the chance to buy a limited edition print of the Daft Punk portrait painting seen in the video for “Starboy.”

It’s cool that you can buy a Daft Punk portrait painting and all, but the coolest part of this whole affair is probably the promotional poster for the painting that Daft Punk posted on Facebook, in the style of late 80s/early 90s magazine ads. Take a look:

Daft Punk portrait painting promo ad

Pretty funny, right? You can check out the Facebook post in question right here. As for the painting itself, an individually numbered canvas print bearing the Daft Punk boys can be yours for $140.

Once it’s all yours, you can smash it with a baseball bat while your panther girlfriend watches, if you feel like it.