Jarred & Displaced: Artist Collects Double-Exposure Landscapes in Jars

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 21, 2016

Jarred & Displaced

“Jarred landscapes” sounds like some made-up concept out of Lewis Carroll or something, but artist Christoffer Relander has made it more or less real. It’s all part of an ongoing project known as Jarred & Displaced, the primary visual effects of which are achieved in camera through double exposure, rather than through any digital manipulation.

The end result is that Jarred & Displaced takes particularly atmospheric examples of the landscape of southern Finland and places them on a jar for enjoyment wherever you roam. The aforementioned double-exposure effect is hard to capture in a photograph, though.

You can read more about Relander’s ongoing Jarred & Displaced project at the artist’s official site right here. Prints are available on request, but you’ll have to inquire on your own for pricing information and other details. Still, it couldn’t be more expensive than traveling to Finland (unless you’re reading this near Finland), so maybe it’s worth a shot.