Lexdray Portland Sneaker Duffel

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lexdray Portland Sneaker Duffel

The modern sneakerhead on the go, regrettably, does not have a ton of options for lugging multiple pairs of sneakers from one place to another. The backpack is always a standby, of course, as are other bags for makeshift transport—not to mention the increasingly popular method of wearing an extra pair of sneakers on your hands—but the Lexdray Portland Sneaker Duffel is specifically designed for it.

The Lexdray Portland Sneaker Duffel can hold up to three pairs of shoes of any size, with an adjustable center compartment that can expand and contract as needed. There’s also room for a couple days’ worth of clothes and other stuff, making this a potentially good solution for sneaker fans seeking brief changes of scenery.

The product’s recently concluded Kickstarter campaign did not make it into the green, but you can still purchase the Lexdray Portland Sneaker Duffel from the official Lexdray online store here, priced at $350 – which I believe technically precludes it from being called a “duffel,” but what can you do?