Matrix PowerWatch: A Smartwatch Powered by Your Own Body Heat (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 14, 2016

Matrix PowerWatch

A common feature of smartwatches is step-counters and other functions in the service of fitness tracking. But even if your body is kept in perfect working order thanks to encouragement from your watch, your watch isn’t going to get much in return from this bargain—unless you (in the near future, that is) have a Matrix PowerWatch.

The Matrix PowerWatch is actually powered by energy generated from the wearer’s own body heat. It lets you know exactly how much energy you’ve generated from the watch, and when you take it off it automatically goes to sleep while keeping all of your data locked into its memory banks. And naturally, in addition to that, it has all the usual smartphone notifications and functions.

You can acquaint yourself with the Matrix PowerWatch by checking out the introductory video below. And for more information, or to pre-order yours starting at just under $100, head over to the product’s IndieGoGo listing right here.

Enter the Matrix PowerWatch: