‘Nick Fouquet’s Flame-Treated Hatmaking Masterclass’ (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 9, 2016
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Nick Fouquet's Flame-Treated Hatmaking Masterclass

Nick Fouquet is the hatmaker behind Pharrell‘s famous oversized hats, among other things, and the artist recently gave the public a look at the processes he uses to make his unique signature creations. It’s called Nick Fouquet’s Flame-Treated Hatmaking Masterclass, and if you’ve got two and a half minutes to spare you can learn something from the master.

I don’t know if Nick Fouquet’s Flame-Treated Hatmaking Masterclass is enough to start a novice on his or her own hatmaking journey, but I do know it’s almost always fulfilling to watch and learn about a master at work, so the video is undoubtedly of interest to anyone who cares about the dying art of hatmaking.

You can watch Nick Fouquet’s Flame-Treated Hatmaking Masterclass below. And, the next time you see Pharrell or LeBron James in a giant hat and ask yourself, “where the hell did he get that,” you’ll know the answer.

Here’s the video: