Ever Tires: Bike Tires That Won’t Go Flat for 5000 Miles

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ever Tires

If you believe certain conspiracy theorists on the subject, the tire industry has had access to a no-flat tire model for decades, keeping it from the public for the obvious reason that people with tires that don’t go flat never have to buy new tires. Now, it seems, a group of freedom fighters behind the brand name Canyon Crawler are blowing the lid off the whole thing, at least as far as bike tires are concerned, with Ever Tires from Canyon Crawler.

Ever Tires are purportedly able to withstand up to 5000 miles of riding without going flat. They do this not with air or foam but through their unique polymer blend specially perforated to ensure practical invulnerability against all of the usual tire killers, like pins, nails, blades, and other sharp objects.

Pre-orders on Ever Tires are available starting at $76 at the product’s official Kickstarter listing right here.