Selfie Room Added to Russian Au Pont Rouge Department Store

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Selfie room

The modern apparel shopping experience involves not just grabbing clothes off the rack and buying them, but also requires at least one selfie stop in order to maximize the social media capital from the excursion. Now, Russian department store Au Pont Rouge in Saint Petersburg have made that unofficial part of the ritual official with its very own designated selfie room.

The Au Pont Rouge selfie room is designed to “create a stage to feel like performers, models and directors of the self-image.” It does this by way of a long, tunnel-like structure, with mirrors, lighting, and white walls and floors specifically placed for the greatest possible selfies.

You can read up on Au Pont Rouge’s selfie room right here. And if you’re not going on any Russian shopping sprees in the near future, you can just hope and pray that this particular trend catches on in other parts of the world.