Hype: An Interactive Video App From the Creators of Vine (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, November 3, 2016
Tags:  Hype   Vine   Apps   Interactive Video   Social Media  


A few days ago people all across the internet were shocked by the sudden announcement that the mega-popular social media video app Vine was coming to an end. But don’t worry: Some of the founders of Vine are coming back with a new social video app, called, audaciously enough, Hype.

Despite the narrative satisfaction of Hype moving in to replace Vine, the app seems to be closer in spirit to live video apps like Periscope. But it brings a new capability to the table, allowing users to blend their own live video with previously-existing content, like music, images, and even other video.

Hype appears to be available only for iOS devices for now, and you can get more information on the app at its official site right here. Or, for a more direct look at what content released through the app looks and feels like, just watch the introductory video for Hype below.