Hemmelig Rom: A Secret Library Nestled in New York State Woods

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hemmelig Rom

Imagine, if you will, that you’re lost in the woods of New York State, seeking shelter and maybe, possibly, a place to charge up your phone so you can call for help. Now imagine again that instead of an out-of-the-way gas station you find a black cottage loaded with books and a quiet space to read, if you are so inclined.  Your relationship with society is now over, and you can relax like Burgess Meredith in that one Twilight Zone episode inside the secret structure reportedly known as the Hemmelig Rom.

“Hemmelig Rom” is Norwegian for “secret room,” and it is the very real creation of Studio Padron. The library/guest cabin is made from oak aged for years, and a pair of oversized windows fills the interior with natural reading light—and you’ll want plenty of that, since inside there’s also an armchair, a desk, a bed, and an old-fashioned wood-burning stove, in addition to all those books.

It’s not clear exactly what the specific purpose the Hemmelig Rom serves, but you can direct your inquiries to Studio Padron through the firm’s official site right here.