Woodstone Watches and Sunglasses Are Wood, Not Metal or Plastic

by: Joseph On  Monday, October 17, 2016
Tags:  Watches   Wood   Woodstone   Sunglasses   Timepieces  


Do you respect wood? Do you revere wood? If so, a nice wooden watch or pair of sunglasses is probably just the stuff of fantasy, but there’s a new brand that’s devoted to making that fantasy a reality. It’s called Woodstone, and they have a full line of watches and sunglasses that go against the grain of typical styles.

Rosewood, ebony, sandalwood, maple, and oak are some of the materials used in Woodstone’s lines of watches and sunglasses. Of course, the lenses of the sunglasses aren’t made of wood, at least not until transparent wood technology is developed, but other than that they’re straight from trees. The watches, on the other hand, have metal accents and inner workings, but the bands and cases are largely wood as well.

You can browse all of Woodstone’s wood wares at the brand’s official online store right here, where prices range from between $120 and $140.