‘Spawn – The Rise of Image Comics’ (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spawn - The Rise of Image Comics

The newest pop culture video essay from the great Kaptainkristian is a treat for all the 90s kids out there, with the added bonus of being a little bit seasonally appropriate with Halloween on the way. It’s entitled Spawn – The Rise of Image Comics, and it deals not just with everyone’s favorite hell-burned superhero but the creator and comics label that birthed him.

Spawn – The Rise of Image Comics also touches on the ever-relevant subject of creators’ rights in comics, which was an issue that led to the creative split that formed Image in the first place. But it’s all covered in the video, so if you’ve got about six minutes to spare and you’re interested in the subject of upstart comic book companies, you can give it a look below:

And for more cool video essays from KaptainKristian, you can take a look at his official YouTube channel right here.