Calm the Fuck Down Tea: Yes, That’s Its Actual Name

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Calm the Fuck Down Tea

There are times when you just need to calm down, and then there are times when you need Calm the Fuck Down Tea, a special herbal tea blend that’s purported to be as “softening and refreshing” as its brand name is loud and abrasive.

Calm the Fuck Down Tea has camomile, licorice, and lemon among its flavor notes, and is promised by its makers at Firebox to be “sure to calm you the fuck down.” Each $13 tin has enough tea for about 50 cups, which comes to more than a month and a half worth of calming the fuck down on a daily basis – not bad at all. It’s naturally free of caffeine, and is advised to be “far fucking nicer” without milk and honey, FYI.

You can purchase your own tin of Calm the Fuck Down Tea from the Firebox online store right here.