‘Taste Test: Bottom Shelf Vodka’ From ‘Playboy’ (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Taste Test: Bottom Shelf Vodka

If you’ve tasted cheap vodka, it’s possible that you’ve wondered whether it actually tastes any different from the most expensive stuff. That question is one of the subjects of Taste Test: Bottom Shelf Vodka, from Playboy spirits writer Jason Horn.

Of course, the ultimate test of whether top price vodka brands are really full of it would be to throw them into a blind taste test along with the cheap stuff. Horn’s Taste Test: Bottom Shelf Vodka falls short of that hypothetical standard, but he does judge the under-$12 set on its own merits, and says that vodka pricing isn’t based on quality but on branding and image.

You can watch Jason Horn and Playboy‘s Taste Test: Bottom Shelf Vodka below. And for more from Playboy‘s dedicated food programming on YouTube, check out the Indulgence channel right here.

Here’s the video, which is sure to flash across your memory the next time you’re selecting a vodka: