Digimoto: A Motorcycle Designed in Virtual Reality by Christian Zanzotti

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 30, 2016


A new joint collaboration between industrial designer Christian Zanzotti, development firm Gray Development, and motorcycle outfitter Wunderlich shows the possibilities of design work within the realm of virtual reality. It’s Digimoto, a motorcycle that was designed by Zanzotti within a VR landscape.

The Digimoto began its life as a standard BMW R1200R. The bike was totally dismantled, though, and then Zanzotti jacked into whatever his equivalent of QuestWorld is and redesigned all of its individual component parts. Then, Zanzotti’s new designs were fabricated and used to rebuild the bike, which emerged like Darth Vader with a completely different kind of motorcycle design.

It’s a truly unique visual design, but the Digimoto is also outfitted with futuristic technological features like on-board sensors that feed data into the rider’s visor, and 3D-printed cooling elements within the bike’s headlight. It’s not available for purchase, but you can get a lot more information on the project at its official site right here.