Paqui Carolina Reaper: The Tortilla Chip So Hot It’s Sold in Packages of One

by: Joseph On  Thursday, September 22, 2016

Paqui Carolina Reaper

We’ve all heard the famous advertising tagline “Bet You Can’t Eat Just One.” The people at Paqui could very easily co-opt that slogan but take out the “just,” because they have a new tortilla chip out that’s so hot they’re selling it one chip at a time. It’s the Paqui Carolina Reaper, also known as the “One Chip Challenge” (not to be confused with Chip’s Challenge).

The Paqui Carolina Reaper may well be the spiciest chip ever made, seasoned with a blend of canola oil, Carolina reaper pepper, ghost pepper, sea salt, and chipotle pepper. The end result is a chip that one would be wise not to eat at all—but at least you don’t have to worry about accidentally cramming a bunch of them into your mouth at once.

Unless, of course, you buy a whole bunch of Paqui Carolina Reaper chips at five dollars a pop from the Paqui online store right here. But, please, don’t do this.