Best Made Brass Stash Boxes

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, September 20, 2016
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Best Made Brass Stash Boxes

A stash box is a pretty great solution to a variety of EDC problems, like the question of how to carry small items discreetly and fashionably. Best Made has a new line of small stash boxes that serve as a great example of the form, and Best Made Brass stash boxes come in three different sizes for whatever fits your needs best.

Those three sizes are Cap, Snuff, and Tinder, but all of the Best Made brass stash boxes are constructed from C260 brass – which is the same brass traditionally used to make ammunition cartridges—which makes them durable and subject to a unique patina over the course of their (presumably long) period of service.

Prices on the Best Made Brass stash boxes start at $18 and up, depending on size, over at the official Best Made online store here, where you can order one or two for yourself right now.