Ralph Lauren Kipton Mixologist Box

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 19, 2016

Ralph Lauren Kipton Mixologist Box via Cool Material

The party technically started without you, but it can’t really begin until you arrive with the Ralph Lauren Kipton Mixologist Box in tow. The guests eagerly await your arrival, because once it happens they will have everything required to enjoy a top-flight cocktail, with pieces from Ralph Lauren‘s New York City Polo Bar (except the liquor).

The above fictional scenario could become a reality for the owner of a Ralph Lauren Kipton Mixologist Box. It has a hand-cut crystal decanter with polo players emblazoned on the surface, four matching glasses, silver-plated brass jigger, a special edition bottle opener, and a nut bowl, all inside deluxe carrying case made from real saddle leather.

You can order your own Ralph Lauren Kipton Mixologist Box from the Ralph Lauren online store right here, where the entire set is priced at just under $4,000.  You’ll still have to shell out for the booze, though, otherwise everybody may just start drinking without you.