Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 19, 2016

Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher

If you’re tired of people getting freaked out when you bring your AR-15 or M16 rifle to barbecues, consider the Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher, which can convert it to something a lot more festive. And contrary to the specificity of the product name, it can shoot more than just soda and beer cans, too.

The primary species-being of the Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher is just that, though: A soda can launcher. It can fire unopened 12 or 16-ounce cans an average distance of 105 yards, and can also accommodate anything heavy and thin-walled like tennis balls. Future accessories include a grappling hook, net launcher, t-shirt launching, and even a harpoon, but for now its greatest capability is that it can launch shaken-up beer and soda cans for the closest real-life equivalent of the Coke machine sequence in Mel Brooks’ Silent Movie.

The Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher is just under $400 at the X Products online store right here. Beer cans not included.