Marvel Hip Hop Variant Covers Unveiled

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Marvel Hip Hop Variant Covers via Hypebeast

Good news, everybody: The state of the union between Marvel comics and hip hop is strong. I know that because the latest collection of Marvel hip hop variant covers have been released by Marvel. Like the last batch, they reinterpret classic hip hop album covers with superheroes in lieu of rappers.

The superheroes in question are Luke Cage, The Champions, Iron Man (in his current “Infamous” Victor von Doom incarnation), Jessica Jones, Nova, and the Ultimates, stepping in for LL Cool J, the Wu-Tang Clan, Big Daddy Kane, Kevin Gates, Chance the Rapper, and Salt ‘n Peppa, respectively.

You should start to see the new Marvel hip hop variant covers wherever fine comics are sold throughout the fall season, but for now you can take a look at all of them (with pretty nifty side-by-side comparisons to their original source material) at Playboy‘s unveiling of the covers right here.