Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries Revealed (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries

Burger King‘s fast food reign of terror continues apace with the unveiling of Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries. You probably grasp the idea behind these things immediately upon reading their name, but just in case you require additional product details, I will do my best to provide them.

Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries are the restaurant’s Chicken Fries but with a moderate powdering of that iconic cheese dust we all know and love. And according to the video that announces the product, they’re coming soon—and also, the Burger King and Chester Cheetah could make a pretty good comedy pair, should our entertainment options ever dwindle to the point of that being necessary.

You can watch that video for yourself below, and if it leaves you craving some Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries, just head to your local BK and see if they’ve gotten their first shipment yet.

Here’s the official press conference from Chester & The King: