‘The 36th Chamber of Shaolin’ Getting Live Score by RZA for Beyond Fest

by: Joseph On  Sunday, September 11, 2016

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Gets RZA Live Score

If you’re not attending Beyond Fest in Los Angeles next month, you now have at least one reason to regret your decision. The iconic martial arts classic The 36th Chamber of Shaolin is getting a live score at the festival from none other than RZA, the movie’s number-one disciple.

Wu-Tang Clan fans can’t help but be aware of The 36th Chamber of Shaolin‘s significance within the group’s mythology, and RZA is the perfect artist to give it new life in the form of a live score. The score will consist “of over 40 instrumental tracks, beats, and vocals individually crafted and placed to amplify the narrative and electrifying action,” according to Beyond Fest organizers, and the movie itself is a stone classic, too.

It’s probably too much to hope for some kind of permanent record of RZA’s The 36th Chamber of Shaolin score being made available to the public, which means you better start seeing if you can make it to LA for Beyond Fest on October 10th. You can get more details on the event from the festival’s official site right here. Even if you have to crawl.