Force Band From Sphero Lets You Control BB-8 With the Force (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, September 1, 2016
Tags:  BB-8   Force Band   Sphero   Toys   Star Wars  

Sphero Force Band

I’m certainly no Star Wars expert, but I know enough about the Force to know that it comes from inside you, not from a gadget you wear on your arm. But that part of my brain is helpless against the other, much more prominent part that looks at the new Star Wars Force Band toy from Sphero and thinks it looks pretty darn cool.

The Sphero Force Band fits around the user’s wrist, and it can be synced up with the brand’s famous BB-8 toy from last year or used to facilitate wondrous flights of fancy on its own, with lightsaber sound effects and other “Combat Training” features. It’s enough to make you feel sorry for the generations of children who had to play Star Wars without it.

You can see the Sphero Star Wars Force Band in action in the elaborate commercial below. The toy itself will hit store shelves on September 30th, and it in the meantime you can get more information at its official site right here.