Visvim Law Enforcement Whistle: For Stylish Preparedness

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Visvim Law Enforcement Whistle

It’s a scary world out there, which explains the need for what’s commonly referred to as a “rape whistle“—if the going gets tough, the tough start blowing until a cop shows up. I don’t know how popular this particular principle is today, but now it has a high-fashion twist that brings it into the 21st century, and it’s called the Visvim Law Enforcement Whistle.

Based on the classic J Hudson & Co “Acme Thunderer” design, the Visvim Law Enforcement Whistle is a brass throwback to a previous era of urban worst case scenario preparedness. To establish its style credentials even further, it also costs quite a bit more than a typical whistle.

To be precise, the Visvim Law Enforcement Whistle will set you back $189 at the Union online store right here—a purchase price that includes a leather strap for wearing it around your neck at all times, and that hopefully won’t snap if someone tries to swipe it off of you. That would just be too ironic, even for this.