‘The Death of Video Game Box Art’ (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, August 29, 2016

The Death of Video Game Box Art

Art forms seem to be dying all the time these days, usually followed by the revelation that the art form in question is not really dead, if you know where to seek it out in its vital form. The latest art form to be declared dead on arrival, however, appears to actually be dead, at least according to The Death of Video Game Box Art.

The Death of Video Game Box Art is the work of YouTuber Jacob Christensen, who provides a blow-by-blow autopsy on how the art of video game promotional art—which back in the 80s was imaginative and beautiful as a matter of routine—has turned generic, lazy, and boring. It’s a pretty grim outlook, but perhaps it will inspire someone out there to be a little more creative in marketing a video game.

You can watch The Death of Video Game Box Art for yourself below. And for more video game video content from Christensen, check out his YouTube channel right here.