KITH Retro Apple T-Shirt Collection

by: Joseph On  Monday, August 29, 2016
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KITH Retro Apple T-Shirt Collection

A new pair of special edition t-shirts by KITH pay homage to the classic multicolor Apple logo, a perfect late summer wardrobe addition for people who want to communicate their allegiance to the iconic tech brand in a subtle, almost subliminal manner. So subtle, in fact, that the KITH retro Apple t-shirt collection might not even read as such at a glance.

But the typeface and color scheme in effect for the two t-shirts in the KITH retro Apple t-shirt collection do correspond to the graphical imprint of Apple’s past, and you can wear them whether you’re a diehard Apple fan or not, since they look pretty cool on their own.

If you agree, you can buy one at either the Brooklyn or Manhattan KITH retail location, or from the brand’s official online store right here, where both of the KITH retro Apple t-shirt collection shirts—in your choice of white or black, no offense—will cost you $45 each.