‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Arnold Schwarzenegger Featured in New Promo (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Celebrity Apprentice

After Donald Trump got fired from The Celebrity Apprentice, many assumed that the show that made him famous would disappear from the public along with him. But Trump has proven himself to be nothing if not dispensable, so the show is carrying on with a new, and most would argue improved, leading man: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger can now be seen in a new teaser for The Celebrity Apprentice, which plays on Arnold’s most famous role as the T-800 Terminator cyborg in the Terminator movies. If you like, the commercial can be interpreted as meaning the show will be hosted by a cyborg duplicate of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which may or may not be contradicted by the show itself.

Anyway, you can watch the new teaser for The Celebrity Apprentice below. The show comes to NBC in January of next year, and in the meantime you can get more information on the show at its official site right here.