Carbon Fiber Rings From VentureCustomShop

by: Joseph On  Friday, August 19, 2016

Carbon Fiber Rings

I don’t know what the style world’s current view on finger jewelry is, but I do know there is now a way you can look like a Mad Max villain without spending a ton of money on leather chaps and molded plastic. Instead, just buy a few carbon fiber rings from VentureCustomShop on Etsy, particularly in the novel tire tread design.

VentureCustomShop’s carbon fiber rings come in a variety of designs, but it’s the tire tread rings that are the main focus, with enough variations to make it possible for you to find the tire tread ring that best represents your unique personality. Or, barring that, you could buy one for each finger like some Mandarin of the Motorway (I’m copyrighting that phrase, by the way).

Of course, ten tire trad carbon fiber rings from VentureCustomShop will set you back a bit, since prices on individual rings start at $140 and up. You can browse the selection at the store’s Etsy site right here.