‘The Working Day’ Coloring Book From Modern Toss

by: Joseph On  Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Working Day Coloring Book

You may recall The Mindless Violence coloring book, which brought some of the old ultra-violence into the trend of adult coloring. Now, Modern Toss is back with another installment of their adult coloring book series.  It’s The Working Day coloring book, and it explores the more mundane (yet no less soul-crushing) side of adult life.

The Working Day coloring book’s depiction of working days isn’t all mundane and soul-crushing, though, with a lot more chair-tipping and pants-removal than you’re likely to find in your office or workplace (unless you have work in what’s referred to as an unorthodox working environment). The drawings are all ready to be colored, and, perhaps more importantly, pretty funny.

Your copy of The Working Day coloring book, complete with NSFW captions by the authors, can be purchased from the Modern Toss online store right here, where copies are priced at right around $14 in American dollars.