Simple Shower: Turn a Bottle of Water Into an Outdoor Shower (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, August 18, 2016

Simple Shower

“Turning a water bottle into a shower” may at first conjure images of simply pouring a bottle of water onto your head, but let’s face it: That’s not really a shower. But with Simple Shower, you can enjoy the pleasures of a reasonable shower facsimile while roughing it out in the woods, as long as you have a good bottle and some water handy.

Simple Shower simply fits over most-size water bottles, then provides a steady, cleansing stream of water that in the thick of the wilderness will probably seem like the greatest shower you’ve ever taken. It works well in other situations too, such as cleaning sand off of your hands and/or feet at the beach, or pretty much any place outdoors where you could do with a shower or faucet.

You can see the Simple Shower in action in the video below, and order yours at the product’s official site here, where they’re priced at $10 a pop.

Here’s the video: