Ti Arto: Pen Works With More Than 200 Kinds of Refills

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ti Arto

If you’re serious about your pen usage, it may have occurred to you that a pen that can accept a plethora of different types of refills would be a useful one to you. And if you’ve dabbled in the field of multi-refill pens in the past, you may have found yourself frustrated by the phenomenon of “tip-wiggle” (no jokes, please). For you, there’s now Ti Arto, a pen that’s compatible with more than 200 refill types and not a single one of them wiggles in the tip.

The Ti Arto pen is compatible with a truly staggering list of refills, so much so that calling it a universal refill pen isn’t too far off the mark. It’s also not too far off the mark to suggest that such a pen is wildly desirable to the public, judging by the pen’s incredible performance on Kickstarter.

You can check out the Ti Arto Kickstarter listing right here, where pre-orders on the pen start at $59 and up.