The President’s 2016 Summer Playlists Now Online

by: Joseph On  Friday, August 12, 2016

The President's 2016 Summer Playlists

Last year, Barack Obama solidified his status as History’s Coolest President by dropping not one but two summer playlists, one for daytime and one for the night time. Now, he’s given the public an encore helping of tunes for his last year in office: Introducing The President’s 2016 Summer Playlists.

Like last year, The President’s 2016 Summer Playlists are divided into “Day” and “Night,” but you wouldn’t really know from just listening to the songs that there’s any bittersweet feeling on Obama’s part about his final summer in The White House. Instead, this is 100% fun jams. And if you needed another reason to dread the next four years, just imagine what either Trump OR Clinton’s summer playlists will look like (of course, with Clinton, we at least probably won’t have to worry about the world ending before we get to the summer of 2020).

Anyway, you can either check out The President’s 2016 Summer Playlists on Spotify or from The White House official site right here. You may notice that on Spotify, “U Got the Look” is nowhere to be found, despite its presence on the official list—not even the President of the United States can break Prince’s Tidal contract.