Soylent Coffiest: Your Morning Coffee and Breakfast in One Bottle

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Soylent Coffiest

I am on record as being somewhat skeptical towards Soylent, the food brand that seeks to provide complete nutritional meals in single packages, mostly because of the name. But even I have to admit that Soylent Coffiest sounds like a good idea.

Basically, the idea behind Soylent Coffiest is that an entire nutritionally balanced breakfast is packed into each single serving of coffee, allowing you to consolidate both the time and the calories into a few quick gulps. There’s also, naturally, the caffeine, which is comparable to what you’d get from a regular cup of coffee, as is (purportedly) the flavor, despite all the plant-based nutrients added into the mix.

Soylent Coffiest breakfasts can be purchased individually or on a monthly subscription plan, and you can get a lot more information on pricing and the stuff itself at the Soylent online store right here. I still think they should think about changing the name, though.