SecondShot Damascus Chopping Knife Has Handle Made From Recycled Skateboards

by: Joseph On  Thursday, August 4, 2016

SecondShot Damascus Chopping Knife

Skateboarding in the kitchen is not usually a very good idea, but the people at SecondShot have a new product that will let you celebrate your inner shredder while you’re choppin’ broccoli. It’s the SecondShot Damascus Chopping Knife, a Damascus steel knife with a handle made from recycled skateboards.

That handcrafted handle is five inches long, and when combined with the seven-inch blade you’ve got 12 inches of completely unique chopping power, since each skateboard-turned-handle is totally one of a kind. As a result, the SecondShot Damascus Chopping Knife doesn’t come cheap, but if you don’t feel you’re better off spending $145 on a new skateboard, it might be worth it.

If so, you can order a SecondShot Damascus Chopping Knife for $145 at the SecondShot Etsy store right here, where you can also get a lot more information on the knives, how they’re made, as well as other cool handmade stuff from SecondShot.