Mission: Breakout! – ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Ride to Replace Disney’s Tower of Terror (Video)

Mission: Breakout!

Disneyland‘s iconic Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride is going beyond sight, sound, and mind, so it can be replaced by another attraction based on a somewhat more popular piece of intellectual property: Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s called Mission: Breakout!, and Disney has given fans a first look at the new ride hosted by Imagineer Joe Rohde.

It’s sad news for hardcore Rod Serling fans, but the good news is that Mission: Breakout! isn’t starting from scratch against the older ride.  Instead, its freefall tower mechanics have been adapted to a new experience, involving Rocket Raccoon enlisting riders’ help to rescue the Guardians from the clutches of The Collector.

Or something. You can get a better idea of what Mission: Breakout! is all about by checking out the video below. And the ride is set to open its airlocks sometime in the summer of 2017, so mark those space calendars, and stay tuned for more at the Disneyland YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video: