Google Arts & Culture: New App for Exploring the Art of the World (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Google Arts & Culture

Google has always been interested in giving users access to art and culture they may not otherwise be able to enjoy, either due to limitations in finances, geography, or both. Now that interest has been focused on a single app, called Google Arts & Culture.

The Google Arts & Culture app gives you access to the contents of thousands of museums spread out across 70 countries. Paintings, sculptures, and even historic landmarks can be explored with an interface similar to that of the famous Google Street View, with works indexed by artist, location, and even color. Various social media functions are also included with the app, which is good news if you enjoy appearing cultured before your friends.

You can get the Google Arts & Culture app for free from the Google Play store here (there’s also a free iOS version available), and get further acquainted with it in the introductory video below.