M-5000 Envirofit Rocket Stove

by: Joseph On  Monday, July 18, 2016

M-5000 Envirofit Rocket Stove

If you want to get some grilling done this summer but you’re not crazy about the standard portable grill (or even your own indoor stove), the M-5000 Envirofit Rocket Stove is intended as an environmentally friendly alternative that may suit your grilling needs perfectly.

The M-5000 Envirofit Rocket Stove’s killer app is its “patented metal alloy combustion chamber,” which allows it to reach reassuringly high temperatures with relatively scant fuel—only a handful of sticks will do the trick. It also doesn’t produce much smoke, and at nine pounds it’s a lot easier to carry around than most grills, even a lot of the so-called portable ones.

You can order your own M-5000 Envirofit Rocket Stove from Amazon right here, where the stove is currently priced at $110 on the dot, plus another ten bucks and change for shipping. You do still need to find your own sticks and/or kindling, though.