Nike “Wu-Tang” Dunks: Pair of Legendarily Rare Sneakers Goes for Sale

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 15, 2016

Nike "Wu-Tang" Dunks

“I am not going to say much about this, either you know or you don’t.” Those are the words of “sonofironmonkey,” a sneaker reseller who somehow got a pair of the legendary Nike “Wu-Tang” Dunks, produced back in the 90s in a numerically relevant limited edition of only 36 pairs. I wish I could get away with just saying that much, but I can’t, so here goes:

Despite being ultra-rare, not to mention in mint condition, Iron Monkey’s boy has had to drop his asking price for his pair of Nike “Wu-Tang” Dunks three times already—as of this writing, it now rests at a little under 19 grand. Before you make an offer, you should know the sneakers are size 7 1/2, although I don’t imagine anyone would be crazy enough to actually wear these.

You can check out sonofironmonkey’s Nike “Wu-Tang” Dunks listing right here, even if you’re just curious and wouldn’t dream of dropping nearly twenty grand on a pair of sneakers.