Mastercard: Credit Card Company Unveils 1st New Logo in 20 Years

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 15, 2016

New Mastercard Logo

The classic Mastercard logo is one of the most immediately recognizable in the world, but now it’s relegated to the past, with the unveiling of a new logo from the credit card giant. It retains the same basic shape and recognizable form of the older logo, but with a sleeker, modernized look. It may seem crazy for a brand as well-known as Mastercard to change their logo, but Mastercard‘s head of customer experience and design Cindy Chastain explained why the change has occurred:

“It needs to thrive in a digital space. It’s simplified. It’s modernized and optimized for relevance in an increasingly digital world.”

Maybe they should change the name back to “Mastercharge,” given this new emphasis on all the services offered by the brand outside of credit cards. Anyway, you can see the new hotness up at the top, and for more on the updated logo you can read the official press release right here.