Lever Gear Toolcard: Cram 40 Different Tools in Your Wallet

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Tags:  EDC   IndieGoGo   Lever Gear   Toolcard   Multitools  

Lever Gear Toolcard

What do two different kinds of screwdriver, a prybar, a nail puller, a ruler, a cord cutter, a speed square, a protractor, a box cutter, myriad varieties of wrench, and a bottle opener have in common? A lot of things, I’d imagine, but I’m referring to the fact that they all call the Lever Gear Toolcard home, despite the fact that it’s barely bigger than a standard credit card.

The Lever Gear Toolcard (not to be confused with the Lover Gear Toolcard, which is very, very different) purports to contain 40 different tools within its small frame. It even includes a detachable money clip, so you could conceivably get rid of your wallet, too. And it’s TSA compliant for enhanced usefulness practically anywhere you go.

Of course, you better not throw away your wallet just yet, because you need at least $29 to pre-order a Lever Gear Toolcard at its IndieGoGo listing here.