Amazon Prime Day: Retailer Celebrates 2nd Annual Discount Bonanza

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Amazon Prime Day

If you’re not an Amazon Prime subscriber, today may be the day you finally take the plunge. That’s because it’s the second annual Amazon Prime Day, in which Prime members have access to a veritable cornucopia of discounts, special offers, steals, wheels, and deals, all for one day only.

And there’s more good news: If you’re not a Prime member because you don’t want to pay for the benefits, Amazon Prime Day is also available to people who sign up for a free 30-day trial (which, full disclosure, is exactly how they get you). The deals themselves are too numerous to count, and new deals are being added and updated all the time, but if you browse around a bit you’ll surely find something you’re interested in.

You can do that by checking out Amazon Prime Day right here. And just a reminder: Christmas is in five months, 13 days.