Paul Newman’s 1979 Porsche 935 for Sale

by: Joseph On  Monday, July 11, 2016

Paul Newman's 1979 Porsche 935

It’s kind of amazing that legendary film actor Paul Newman became a movie star, since his true passion in life by most accounts was for cars and racing. And he wasn’t some Hollywood dilettante, either, having racked up more than 150 victories on the track over the course of his racing career in the late 70s through the mid-80s. Now,  Paul Newman’s 1979 Porsche 935, the car he made his 24 Hours of Le Mans in, is about to hit the auction block.

The history behind Paul Newman’s 1979 Porsche 935 goes well beyond the usual “car owned by an actor” narrative, and its expected price tag is inflated enough to match its out-sized narrative – the people at Gooding & Company have estimated that it will fetch at least $4.5 million when the final gavel is struck.

You can get more information on Paul Newman’s 1979 Porsche 935 at the car’s Gooding & Company listing right here, where you can also get in touch with a specialist if you want to place a bid.