“Spiritual” Jay Z’s First Solo Track of 2016 Goes Out to Individuals Killed by Police

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 8, 2016
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Jay Z Spiritual

It hasn’t exactly been a quite year for Jay Z, between an array of guest spots and a little album called Lemonade that is generally assumed to be pointedly about his failures as a husband, but it’s taken until the thick of summer for him to release a new solo track. It’s called “Spiritual,” and it’s described by Jay as an homage to “the families that have lost loved ones to police brutality.”

It’s an unfortunately fertile subject for tribute, and it was recent events in the news (namely the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling) that prompted Jay Z to complete work on the song, which had been in the works for months, according to a statement from Jay originally made on Twitter (the original tweet from the Tidal account appears to be deleted):

In what’s sure to be a controversial decision, Jay Z chose to release “Spiritual” as a Tidal exclusive, so you have to be a subscriber to listen to it right here.