Gorillaz Releases Remastered HD Versions of Videos on YouTube (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, June 30, 2016


Electronic act Gorillaz has joined in the HD revolution in a quiet but extremely cool way – by releasing new HD remasters of their music videos through their official YouTube channel. So far, there are new versions of “Clint Eastwood,” “19-2000,″ and “Feel Good Inc,” with more reportedly on the way.

The extent to which these new HD Gorillaz videos represent actual upgrades over the old ones is debatable, but if nothing else it’s an OK excuse to watch them again, which is always welcome because they’re all really good. The sound quality, naturally, has also been upgraded so the music will sound better than it did in the old versions too.

You can judge for yourself by watching the new HD remaster of the video for “Feel Good Inc” below. And for more, as well as videos yet to be remastered, stay tuned to the Gorillaz YouTube channel right here.