Custom Converse Start From Scratch Shoes Now Available

by: Joseph On  Thursday, June 30, 2016

Custom Converse Start From Scratch

Converse getting bought by Nike might have led to a downturn in the quality and durability of Converse sneakers, but now there’s a tangible upside to the sale as well, as seen in the Custom Converse Start From Scratch collection now available for purchase and customization from the Nike online store.

The Custom Converse Start From Scratch shoes include plain white versions of Chuck Highs, Lows and Slips that can be customized to the user’s most insane desires. Each shoe has nine different sections that can be colored with a variety of color choices and visual designs, and the possibilities are practically limitless.

Adult size Custom Converse Start From Scratch sneakers start at $75, while kids’ sizes go for $50, and you can check out all those possibilities at Nike’s online store for the collection right here. You didn’t hear this from me, but you can also play around with the customization features to your heart’s content without actually buying anything.